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Cheetahs running to feeding session

Bagatelle - this French word refers to something small, of little consequence, not very important!

The lodge lies on the edge of the Southern Kalahari in the mixed tree and shrub Savanna.

The ranch is characterised by huge red sands dunes running parallel, and in a northern-westerly to south-easterly direction. The valleys in between the parallel dunes are commonly known as ‘streets’.

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This ‘Spirit of Africa’ atmosphere, coupled with service, delivered with graciousness and charm, in an unashamedly luxurious setting, will be the hallmarks of this establishment, providing excellent value and unforgettable memories for the discerning traveller.
The Kalahari – an ancient living desert
A harsh land, a land of relentless sun and searing wind – a land of great thirst and mystery. After the first rains, a land transformed into exquisite beauty with the dunes erupting in a blaze of colour!
The Kalahari conjures up different images in the minds of different people. Some see it as a scorching desert. Others see it as their future, built on cattle and sheep, ostriches and wildlife. The Kalahari is all of this, but also something more.
The word ‘Kalahari’ means wilderness! Its relative inaccessibility, the harsh unyielding red sand dunes, the uncertain rainfall and lack of surface water, make it truly one of Africa’s last frontiers.


The entrance to Bagatelle

A rambling old farmhouse was extensively altered, upgraded and renovated to not only serve as a residence, but also as the main nerve center of the Lodge. An entrance hall leads to the reception, lounge, dining room, bar & cellar, library and office.

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Bushman demonstration

A relaxing walk with the Bushman (SAN), sharing with you their ancient survival skills and secrets from their forefathers.

Tracks in the sand

Combination Drive (2hours 30 minutes)

Game drive, cheetah feeding and sundowner on the dune.

Star gazing

Star viewing

Namibia is known for its incredible clear, starry night skys. Observe the stars with a computerised night telescope.

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